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9 December
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Welcome! Come well! Et cetera, et cetera, indeed.

At times, in this journal of mine, I can pull off absolutely astounding philosophical dissertations on the meaning of life. Also, at times, I can pull off profane, furious, and illogical rants about a certain something that happened that absolutely drove me nuts. Thirdly, I can just be reflecting on my day, and my reaction’s to certain events. It’s a mixed bag with me, as it is with everyone. Ups, downs, endless hours of mediocre gray, yeah. That’s life, and I’m rather satisfied living it.

As for myself, because saying at least a little bit seems to be almost mandatory, I’m a junior in high school, I play the viola, I’m an open book, and honestly I’m a bit of a nerd. I have a wide range of interests, from Harry Potter to abnormal psychology to attending the latest chamber music concert downtown. My favorite pastime is the archaic one of reading, and while I do enjoy the occasional bout of escapism, I’m not the sort that would like to immerse themselves forever in fantasy. As for about my views and beliefs, well, let’s just say you’d be hard pressed to find a social taboo that I really, honestly have something against. In other words, I try my best to be open to anything.

On friends: I enjoy art, music and literature. If you appreciate at least one of those things in whichever form I’m sure we’d at least be able to hold a conversation. If not, well, variety keeps me sane, and I’m always open to new things, new suggestions, and new ways of thinking, and as a rule I don’t believe in ridiculing someone just because their beliefs or tastes are different than my own. In return, I’d hope that you’d do the same.

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