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September 11th, 2005


(no subject)

First in-car today. My instructor was stupid, and couldn’t give instructions very well. What’re the prerequisites for being an instructor anyway?

Imagine: “Driving instructors wanted. Must be white trash. Must know how to drive a car. Must be a bitch (if female) or an ass (if male). If you are beyond somewhat literate or possess a degree higher than one from a high school you are overqualified.”

Apparently I’m completely awesome at maneuverability and completely sucky at changing lanes. Apparently, also, I am challenged at telling my right from my left. Gee, I didn’t know that.

…and guess what? (hint: it’s exciting!)

(pause here)

Homecoming is coming up!

(disclaimer: I understand that sarcasm does not transfer well to typed words, however, I would hope that would get the point across. If not: that was sarcasm, fools.)

Okay, so I might come off as being “rebellious” or “sullen” or some kind of poseur “punk” whatever. No one would dare think that someone like me, who’s very none-of-the-above, would ever have such vehement dislike of “school spirit.” Honors students are supposed to be, if not enthusiastic, at least accepting of school spirit.

Well…no. Of, if you’d prefer it in more “ghetto” terms, fuck that shit, yo.

Show pride in a school that neglects anything that doesn’t involve tossing around some sort of ball. Show pride in a building filled with ignorant trash. Show pride in a completely inept administration system. Show pride in a school that ignores whatever it doesn’t like. Show pride in…

Wait, what am I showing pride in?

It’s all of a giant knot of bitterness crammed in my over-used brain. Being stuck in a place with people that I’ve known all my life that I’m still not particularly close to drives me nuts. Well, lots of things drive me nuts. My biggest desire in the world is to be self-sufficient and away from everyone I know. Might be weird, but I so often feel so very uncomfortable around everyone.

(no subject)

Okay, so you're all in for torture a treat. I just, now, hardly five minutes ago, recorded some of my beautiful music. Keep in mind that I wasn't trying to terribly hard. Click on the links, they're all uploaded to you send it. The recording quality is crap. Many apologies.

Arioso - Bach

The arioso, is, along with the fiocco, what I'm working on now. Why is the arioso up here the fiocco MIA? Probably because my fiocco sucks, a lot. Not that this is a finished product. It's slow, but be warned, I didn't quite hit the high A in tune, your ears might just bleed from it.

Dance of the Princess - Stravinsky

This is a really old piece, by that I mean the last time I truly worked on it was about two years ago. Just the same, it's pretty, this uber-dumbed-down excerpt from the Firebird. My intonation is a bit off and I sometimes forget (or add) an A-flat. Another pretty slow piece.

L'Agreable - Marais

Is the piece I've been working on before the arioso and fiocco. It's pretty slow, but I like the melody to it, and it reminds me of a certian character. Um, I suck at getting out of fifth position, just as a warning.

Le Basque - Marais

Oh, is this actually a fast piece? Le Basque was my companion piece to L'Agreable, and it's what I played for both my auditions, that I made. Here I rush and muddle some fingerings, which doesn't usually happen. What can I say? It's fairly late.

Concerto in G major; mvmt 1 - Telemann

Ah, the Telemann. Honestly, I think it's deteriorated since I last played it. More rushing, more inaccurate tempo, more sloppy fingers, and I fumble like hell in the last little arpeggio bit. It's also fast.

Colors of the Wind a la Pocahontas

Okay, if you don't know this song, you well, obviously don't get out much. Rhytmic inaccuracy and I miss a few notes. Other than that it came out pretty well. Made good use of the book Gina set me, played this mainly for Kelli (shame on you!)

Comments/critique appreciated.

September 2005

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