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Tagged by tommyrotter

20 Things About Yourself People Might Not Know

1. I used to drink pickle juice straight from the can, out of a straw.
2. Mother told me Satan is supposed to live in the TV. Up until recently I believed her. Thus my shame is doubled.
3. I know I’m smarter than almost everyone around me. I sometimes like to flaunt it, I sometimes don’t. It all really depends on how I’m feeling.
4. I have some sort of masochistic obsession with criticizing myself into extreme depression.
5. I was born out of wedlock, and to this day I have never seen the face of my biological father.
6. Death, unlike everything else, does not bother me at all. I’m completely unaffected by the thought of loosing someone forever, or wishing death upon someone that I know well.
7. I have quite a few habits that you could consider obsessive compulsive.
8. I am selectively jealous; some things bother me, some things don’t.
9. I can’t wait to leave home.
10. It bugs the hell out of me when people are so desperate for acceptance that they have to do everything with someone else.
11. I strive to be as distinct and individual as I can, though through my thoughts and beliefs more so than clothing or music choice.
12. I’m more pragmatic than most people than I know.
13. I don’t believe in anything supernatural. At all.
14. I am a control freak.
15. I don't really mind being an asshole to people occasionally.
16. At times, I wish I could be half as likable as Kelli (tommyrotter) who everyone adores and wants to be friends with, who everyone admires, who’s just amazing. Strangely, I’m not really envious of her, and I don’t want to be her…I just wish, I guess, that people actually liked me more than just “random friend number seventeen.”
17. I have a stuffed dog that I sleep with every night.
18. I do care what some people think. Thankfully, those few people are few and far between.
19. I am honestly surprised when people tell me they like me. It’s not fishing for compliments. I really am totally surprised.
20. I’m strikingly un-American without really intending to be un-American.


i love pickle juice!!!!! i do the same thing XD

10 bothers me too. when girls have to go to the bathroom in groups. >< do they need help or something? ugh. or one time i went to the store and a group of about 8 kids came in and bought a pack of gum, then piled back into their two cars. now what was the point in that? >< stupid people.

I'm sorry. I must bother you then... Referring to number 10.

September 2005

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