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I laugh in a childish manner at these, probably more than I should. What can I say? For all my profound wit, I find euphemisms for certain sexual organs amusing.

I’ve been called cynical a lot in the past couple days, which kind of odd to me. Am I really a cynic? I’ve never really thought of myself as such, but so many people seem to be insisting upon it.

I’m delving into WoT again, which is certainly an experience. I’ve started doing fan art, so far I’m about halfway done with Mat and moving on to drawing Rand. Perrin may or may not get drawn as I hate him, but I am planning on doing some other more minor characters. Ah, I’m such a dork. I’m thinking about doodling Dune next, and perhaps 1984.

I tried a more realistic style this time, and I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. There was text in the background, but I edited it out because it was illegible. Um, subjects of the art are two brothers, both of which are my characters. The taller one is a complete bastard whose character is raped almost daily usually by Kelli or myself. The shorter one is the younger brother who really has no personality beyond “naive” and “innocent.” I personally think this is probably some of my best art. Critique, comments, whatever, you know the drill.

I now on, on used VHS, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, and Pocahontas. I am thrilled and excited, like the proper loser I am.


Awww! I wuv Oliver's widdle nose. I just want to tweak it. I also really like the shading on their noses. Yay noses.

I loves ya, oh yes I do.
Cool Kendra. ^_^
Your art is getting better. Keep at it. I love looking at it all. =)
nice artwork =D

Yay! Art! ♥

makes me want to go buy a paper shredder...

September 2005

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