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Let’s take time out of your education to vote for people that you’ve never heard of in your life for something that you probably give about half a rat turd about. For those of us who aren’t in high school for the social life, but to get our asses in, get our asses educated, and then get our asses out, homecoming is a waste of not only time, but of money in a school system that has to give the arts programs the arts programs the shaft but yet has enough cash to put out a dance that’s used mainly for horny teens to get in each other’s pants, all in the name of tradition.

Ah, tradition. I believe Fiddler on the Roof has something to say about tradition and it wasn’t very pleasant. Tradition for the sake of tradition isn’t always a good thing. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson says this pretty damn well.

Seems rather hypocritical, to give us all this literature that tells us not to stick to mindless tradition, yet the education system clings to mindless tradition as if the world would fall apart with out it.

Ah school, well, Vance’s Research and Expo class is awesome. Vance failed to see the irony in the phrase “those who derive pleasure from small children.” She was later informed that there are words for those who derive pleasure from small children. Today my merry group of random people discovered we suck at outlining essays on why fat people are better than skinny people. Luckily I don't think that's a skill that will come up that often.

Music theory is awesome, Lynn is really good to talk to about music, even though we’re on opposite ends of the music spectrum. His statement on the skiing in Toronto today was this: "Tor-arghna-plft,” which isn’t half as funny when written.

So, auditioning for the honors orchestra tomorrow, auditioning for region orchestra at some unknown date and on some unknown music. The letters are starting to swim before my eyes, so I think I’m done. Next entry I promise not to bitch about homecoming.

Oh, and I’m still pimping the clips of me playing two entries down. Listen, please?


Well said, well said indeed.

You never cease to amaze me with how...intelligent your entries are. They always seem to have a meaning, unlike most.

Yay! I loves ya!
Meaning, hm. Well, while I can't say that I honestly try, when one wanks about things, usually the wanking focuses into some sort of meaning.
Listen and curb anxious teacher comments, eh?

You should have had your own senior prom...or...something cool like that?
Ahh...the school dance. It does only serve the purpose of getting to dance with the opposite sex, which leads to hooking up and making out. Something that really does not serve a good educational purpose. =p

Oh well...that's school for you. XD
Dances wouldn't bother me if we wouldn't spend money we desperately need on them. That's the most obnoxious aspect. I mean, sure, fuck eachother silly, but not with my parents' tax dollars and not while I'm standing right there.
Yeah. The tax dollars should go towards important things. And school dances are not high on my important things list at the moment. =p
I hate how I can't find anything to say about your entries. They're so intelligent that there really isn't much to say in return.

So... what do you get from me?

A bunch of nonsense like this.

I hate my viola.
I beg to differ. They aren't intelligent, just so pissy that there's nothing really to say after the fact.

September 2005

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